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October 12, 2014
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October 12, 2014

Gmail to FastMail

A few weeks ago I decided to start migrating a few things out of the cloud. One of those items was getting my email and documents out of Google.The documents went into OwnCloud and Gmail to FastMail.

I really wanted to self-host email, but my biggest concern was dealing with spam. I have to admit that Google has some pretty amazing spam filtering technology. I looked at a lot of self-hosted solutions and decided to go with Zimbra (FOSS) for a little while, however, I couldn’t deal with the spam. I just kept tightening and tightening filters until one day I was just done dealing with it. I started researching hosting providers and eventually ended up at FastMail.

Migrating all of my data into FastMail was quick and painless. I simply had to point it’s migration tool at Gmail and give it my credentials and that was that. A while later I had completed the migration. Next up was configuring all of my domains. This was also a breeze.

I started with a free-trial on a personal account just to use it for a little while to see if I was going to be happy. I was up and running in no time, though I had two relatively minor concerns:

  1. No contacts sync (CardDAV)
  2. I had to maintain a fastmail.com account to use my domain’s email

After a couple of days I decided to upgrade to the “family” plan. One of the biggest reason here was that I could still use my own website as the login screen (rather than fastmail.fm). There are a few other features that will be helpful in the future, that was a big one. I still have to login with my FastMail login, not my actual custom domain email, but I think that may be a feature I haven’t found in the family plan yet….I’m sure businesses aren’t operating this way w/hosting @ FastMail.

The other minor complaint is that FastMail doesn’t support CardDAV. Kinda weird, but ok. Apparently this is in the works for early next year. For now, I simply use iCloud for this feature only.

Other than that, FastMail is awesome. I’m definitely happy with their service. It’s kind of a toss-up between Gmail and several other cloud providers, however FastMail seems to have some better privacy policies. First off they’re not a US company, though they are in Australia. They’re privacy policy is very clear on how they handle certain issues, such as surveillance and law enforcement.

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