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October 17, 2015
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October 22, 2015

Domain Registrar from Godaddy to Google Domains

The other day Godaddy started spamming me with notices that a domain, not this one, was going to expire. I looked into the cost of renewal with Godaddy and was surprised to find that it was $27/yr with no discounts for multi-year renewals. Registering a new domain with Godaddy is only $2.99 plus another $7.99 for private registation ($10.98 total). This was so nuts that I even opened a chat with Godaddy’s sales team to inquire about specials. No deal. $27/yr. was all they had to offer.

I knew Google started a domain registation site recently so I thought I’d check options for changing my domain registrar from Godaddy to Google Domains. Godaddy requested $27/yr. for renewal with privacy. Google Domains provides the same services for $12/yr. as a flat rate. The key feature other than domain registration of course is private registration. Google offers a few additional features, but none too significant in my opinion. It was ridiculasly easy to setup Google Apps, which hosts my email services. Once your domain is transfered it’s literally a 1-click operation to configure Google Apps from the domain side.

If this was a new domain you’d then have to go into the Google Apps adminstration panel to add the domain to your account. In my experience this takes an hour or two to be added. This is due to the MX record verification that Google does. I was surprised to see it wasn’t semi-instant when the domain is registered/hosted with Google itself.

While the Google Domains interface is a bit more basic than that of Godaddy, all the necessities are there to manage the domain. Since moving my WordPress hosting our of Godaddy’s hands last weekend (blog post pending….) they really only had my domain registrat services remaining. I’m sure things will improve as Google develops this offering and the bottom line is that for less than half the price I’m very pleased with the product. I moved all my domains to Google.

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