October 22, 2015

New AWS + ServerPilot + CloudFlare Hosting Solution

This past weekend I had a few hours to work out the latest version of hosting this site. After my frustrations with self-signed SSL certificates I decided to just roll my own server in AWS a few days ago. Knowing that CloudFlare offers a free tier of CDN, a recent discovery, I’m not terribly concerned with the capacity of the server. I looked at the yearly pricing of a t2.micro ec2 box on this site here. The bottom-line price was $151 for 3 years of service. This breaks down to roughly $4.20/mo. Comparing that to Godaddy’s $6.99/m0. this seems like a steal. […]
October 17, 2015

SiteGround Migration and My Return to Godaddy

The migration went pretty smooth all things considered. There were a few complications but nothing significant. I think the largest issue was that my site was already behind CloudFlare so I had to bring all things back to Godaddy before the migration could happen. I gave the SiteGround team access to the server via SFTP and they got everything migrated promptly. There were several email exchanges with the technical team and each took about 45 minutes for a response. Overall I was happy with their customer service and technical support. In the end things didn’t pan out with the self-signed […]
October 8, 2015

Migrating From Godaddy Managed WordPress to SiteGround

After finding that I can use CloudFlare to CDN my WordPress site, adding SSL and a variety of other features, I started poking around with my Godaddy managed WordPress service. I need to install SSL/TLS to the backend to protect the communications end-to-end. I couldn’t find anything about SSL other than purchasing a certificate from Godaddy for $70/yr. Someone from Reddit suggested that RapidSSL sells certificates for $1.99, which doesn’t seem to be true…at least not today. The cheapest reseller I can find is still roughly $7/yr. That’s not bad, but I’m still shooting for free until Let’s Encrypt comes online. […]
October 4, 2015

Adding HTTPS to GoDaddy WordPress via CloudFlare

While chatting with some colleagues this past week, I realized that I was running this WordPress blog completely over HTTP, including the login page. Ugh, security fail. A quick Google search revealed that GoDaddy managed WordPress sites do not enable any SSL/TLS by default, even with a self-signed or shared certificate. This is important because anyone capturing network traffic will be able to view the login information to your site in cleartext. This means an attacker is able to login to your WordPress site as you and do whatever they please. Today I went on a search to see how […]