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October 12, 2014
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Hacks Prompt U.S. to Establish New Cybersecurity Agency

President Obama is creating a new cybersecurity intelligence agency to be an “intelligence center.” Brilliant! It seems to me that either the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would have this mission covered. Between these agencies, pretty much anything both international and national are covered. If for some (likely) bureaucratic reason these agencies didn’t have the mission covered, or couldn’t share the intelligence, surely there are other existing agencies that could fit the need. Cyber Command? Department of <name your flavor here>?

This article notes that these agencies (and others) have “cyber” components, but not the “responsibility for performing these functions.” Perhaps they don’t have any directive aimed specifically at “cyber” or “cyber intelligence,” but in general I’d think it would be included in nearly any current requirement they have. Surely “national security”, “central intelligence,” and/or “investigation” missions include cyber intelligence. I won’t comment on the NSA or CIA, but I’ve read many articles of the FBI taking down foreign websites accused of copyright infringement and botnets. Intelligence? It seems reasonable that the government could simply assign the
“intelligence center” responsibility to an existing agency. Do we really need a whole new agency to manage “cyber” because of the insanity of compromises in 2014? Consider the knee-jerk reaction that created the TSA.

via Hacks Prompt U.S. to Establish New Cybersecurity Agency.

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